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Fresh Beer Sheet ~2/19/24~


Featured Products


HDR New Zealand IPA - Hazy Rotational IPA Series

This batch of hazy HDR is featuring hops from down under; New Zealand!  We've used heaping amounts of Nelson Sauvin hops in this baby and man, it's full of peach, grape, lemon, white pepper, and kumquat. Brewed with Pilsner malt, Maris Otter, and just a bit of Crystal malts.  Get it while its here!
Get it before it's gone!
Alc./Vol: 5.5%  IBU: 50

1/2s: $210  1/6s: $105  6x4x16 oz Case: $69


Hop Water - Hop Aroma and Flavor without the alcohol!

The only locally produced (Thurston County) hop water, it's a great NA option!  Hops dance on the nose and add a hopped up flavor; dry hopped

using Amarillo hops. 

Refreshing and crisp.  Give it a try today!

Zero Alcohol, Zero Calories!
4x6x12 oz Case:$25


PYROLYSIS IMPERIAL STOUT - Great for Valentine's Week!

Cocoa Nibs and Raspberry Imperial Stout with Lactose
For the first time in a couple years we're releasing our imperial stout! This brew packs a punch at 9%, the added raspberry goes perfect with a slight roasty and pronounced chocolate flavor. Aroma of banana bread, roasted barley and a raspberry combine to make a complex and delicious fall/winter treat.  Lactose added for a nice mouth feel.

Alc./Vol: 9%
22oz Bottle Case: $115   1/2s: $210   1/6s: $110


Locally Brewed in Lacey since 2014!

Seasonal Offerings

Duke Of Lacey -  English Dark Mild
A popular seasonal addition for the Top Rung taproom the past couple fall/winter, and for the first time we're releasing it to the public! This EDM is a complex yet approachable dark beer, its sits at an easy 4% with flavors of dark chocolate and coffee. A nice low-medium body and a dry finish make this beer perfect for the season.

Alc./Vol: 4%
1/2 bbl: $195   1
/6 bbl: $95

Margarita Gose

This addition of our sour series is a traditionally brewed German Gose, given a festive Top Rung Twist. A 50/50 blend of wheat and 2-row malt, with a pinch of noble hops, salt and coriander makes a good base Gose. Adding lime, lemon peel, lachancea yeast and a slight citra dry-hop make it a tart, Juicy, and refreshing beer.
Alc./Vol: 4.3%

 6X4-16 oz Case: $66

Bavarian Lager
Our Bavarian Lager is sweet and moderate maltiness with notes of toast or dough, low hop aroma with herbal, floral, and spicy notes. An easy drinking lager for the crisp, cool days in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
Alc./Vol: 5.7%
1/2: $185  1/6: $85

Samples of any seasonal products are available upon request


Hawk's Prairie Extra Gold Light Lager
1/2 bbl: Not Available  1/6 bbl: Not Available 4x6-12 oz Case: $32

Lacey Lager
1/2 bbl: $188 1/6 bbl: $90  4x6-12 oz Case: $35

Box Alarm Amber (in the fermenter)

1/2 bbl: Not Available 1/6 bbl: Not Available 

Shift Trade IPA
1/2 bbl: $205  1/6 bbl: $105  4x6 -12 oz Case: $40

My Dog Scout Stout - Award Winning Stout!
1/2 bbl: $190  1/6 bbl: $95  4x6 -12 oz  Case: $35



NEW! New Zealand Pilsner Batch

Shift Trade IPA
My Dog Scout Stout

Lacey Lager
Box Alarm Amber


Bulk pricing available!

Bulk Pricing will be offered on orders of 10 or more cases of 12oz cans and 5 or more cases of 12oz cans for the following brands,

Lacey Lager (12oz)

Hawks Prairie Extra Gold Light Lager (12oz)


To Place an Order or More Info:
Contact Casey Sobol

(360) 239-3043

Top Rung Brewing Company
8343 Hogum Bay Rd NE Ste E
Lacey, WA 98516

(360) 915-8766

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