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Fresh Beer Sheet ~6/10/24~

10-years of great locally crafted beer in the South Sound! (2014-2024)


What's New?


An OG is back!  Our original Northwest IPA specially brewed to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.  Prying Irons IPA is a classic Northwest style IPA. Aromas of pine, grapefruit, resiny. Flavors of grapefruit and citrus zest, medium-balanced body balanced by a bitter dryness.

Alc./Vol: 6.8%

1/2 bbl: $210  1/6 bbl:$105

Summer Ale

Our popular Summer seasonal that has a clear, golden straw color with some balanced sweetness from 42lbs of Raspberry Purée added in the fermenter.

Notes of raspberry on the nose and a taste that is subtle and not over-taking,. Enjoyable, crisp and easy to drink on a warm sunny day.

Alc./Vol: 5%

6x4x16oz Case: $67

Lacey Dark Lager
It's back after a short hiatus!  Lacey Dark is an easy to drink, dark lager featuring Pilsner, Chocolate Rye, and Midnight Wheat for the grain bill and

a touch of Sterling hops. Don't be deceived by the color; a smooth, easy drinking lager with a slightly sweet finish with notes of coffee and toffee.

Alc./Vol: 5.1%

1/2 bbl: $190   1/6 bbl: $95

Lilikoi Sour - Very Limited Availability!
Experience the enchanting flavors of Hawaii with each sip of this captivating brew.  Lilikoi is a delightful sour ale that showcases the tropical allure of lilikoi,

also known as passion fruit.
Alc./Vol: 4.5%
1/6 bbl:$100

Seasonal Offerings


Azacca Pale Ale
A traditional pale ale full of flavor and well balanced with juicy mango and tropical fruits. 
Features Azacca Hops.
Alc./Vol: TBA
1/2: $205  1/6: $100

Luz Eterna Mexican Lager
A Mexican lager packed to the brim with corn. Crisp and full of flavor.  Add a lime or lemon wedge and a pinch of tajin and you'll be

ight on the beach.   Perfect for the Cinco de Mayo.
Alc./Vol: 5.1%
1/2 bbl: $195  1/6 bbl: $95  6x4x16oz Case: $67

HDR Kveik Hazy IPA
Our rotational Hazy IPA, this version is made with Strata and Citra hops and is mighty tasty! 
Flavors of bold tropical fruits and citrus in this hazy spectacle.
Alc./Vol: 7%
1/2 bbl: $210  1/6 bbl:$105  6x4x16oz Case: $69



Cocoa Nibs and Raspberry Imperial Stout with Lactose
For the first time in a couple years we're releasing our imperial stout! This brew packs a punch at 9%, the added raspberry goes perfect with a slight roasty and pronounced chocolate
flavor. Aroma of banana bread, roasted barley and a raspberry combine to make a complex and delicious fall/winter treat.  Lactose added for a nice mouth feel.
Alc./Vol: 9%

22oz Bottle Case: $115   1/2s: $210   1/6s: $110

Samples of any seasonal products are available upon request


Hawk's Prairie Extra Gold Light Lager
1/2 bbl: $185 1/6 bbl: $85  4x6-12 oz Case: $32

Lacey Lager
1/2 bbl: $190 1/6 bbl: $90  4x6-12 oz Case: $35

Box Alarm Amber

1/2 bbl: $195 1/6 bbl: $90

Shift Trade IPA
1/2 bbl: $205  1/6 bbl: $105  4x6 -12 oz Case: $40

My Dog Scout Stout - Award Winning Stout!
1/6 bbl: $95  4x6 -12 oz  Case: $35

Hop Water - Hop Aroma and Flavor without the alcohol!

The only locally produced (Thurston County) hop water, it's a great NA option!  Hops dance on the nose and add a hopped up flavor; dry hopped

using Amarillo hops. 

Refreshing and crisp.  Give it a try today!

Zero Alcohol, Zero Calories!
4x6x12 oz Case:$26




Summer Ale

Shift Trade IPA

My Dog Scout Stout

10th Anniversary Barrel-Aged Pyrolysis Imperial Stout


To Place an Order or More Info:
Contact Casey Sobol

(360) 239-3043

Top Rung Brewing Company
8343 Hogum Bay Rd NE Ste E
Lacey, WA 98516

(360) 915-8766

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