It all started as a dream, a passion for brewing, a 1/2 bbl system, and two firefighters looking for some escape from the rigors of their full-time jobs. Co-Founders Jason and Casey work as firefighters with the McLane/Black Lake Fire Department.  As friends and co-workers they were very interested in learning more about the art of one of their favorite past times, drinking craft beer.  They were interested in dissecting the brewing process and took up home brewing.  After a couple years of brewing they entered their HoseChaser Blonde in the Dicks Brewing "Beer for a Cure" event and won first place.  After that they continued to work hard at conducting a great deal of research and market analysis and determined there was a need for more craft beer in the South Sound.  Their hobby suddenly turned into more.  After some rigorous work and a well vetted business plan, both Jason and Casey opened Top Rung Brewing in April of 2014.

Casey and Jason maintained the same integrity, dedication, and drive that they share in their role as firefighters in the brewery.  Today, some things have changed and people are in different roles, but this dedication and attention continues to be the inspiration that is put into every batch of beer, every customer that enters the tap room, and every customer that grabs a can or bottle of Top Rung beer in the local grocery or a pint at their favorite drinking hole.  As a company, our employees at Top Rung are dedicated to producing great craft beer for our customers and providing an excellent craft beer experience. 


Reach for the Top Rung and experience our beer!