Time, Sweat, and Patience go into each of these limited release beers that we produce at different times of the year.  These beers come available when the beer and barrel tell us its ready and it meets our expectations.  Be on the lookout for these! 

These Limited Release beers will also include our Pilot Series of beers that are brewed on our pilot system.  These beers are often only released in our tap room.

BB pyrolysis 2.jpg
Bourbon Barrel Aged Pyrolysis Imperial Stout

Aged in Broubon Barrels, our Pyrolysis Imperial Stout is infused with a nice nose and warmth of Bourbon balanced with a rich roasted malt flavor, balanced, smooth drinking and enough alcohol to warm you inside. Pyrolysis, which is the thermochemical breakdown of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen.




Alc. 11.8% / IBUs 57

Packaging Available

Draft, 16 oz Cans